Since joining the Visa family, Verifi and Visa have been hard at work to aligning systems and resources in support of continual improvement of our solutions. As part of these efforts, Verifi is moving all products, solutions, and respective data to Visa’s state-of-the-art data center. This move will deliver improved security, processing speed and overall performance.
In the following, we will provide some insights on what’s new, why this migration is important, and what Verifi clients can expect going forward.

What Is the Data Center Migration?

As Verifi’s solutions are being moved to the Visa data center, every effort is being made to facilitate a smooth transition and ensure there will be no impact to Verifi operations or your client experience.

Migration and technology enhancements include:
  • Migration of Verifi pre-dispute solutions
  • Ground-up overhaul of RECOVER (Dispute Representment)

The Visa data center is built and maintained for proven scalability and stability, with the assurance of state-of-the-art disaster recovery protocols to ensure minimal impact to operations. Advanced features and expert technical support provide improved security, operational speed, and overall performance. Additionally, this world-class infrastructure enables Verifi to focus on continual enhancement of our solutions and products through new features and improved functionality.

Visa infrastructure includes performance uptime of 99.9%!

In addition to the solutions migration, there are notable enhancements and added features being incorporated into our RECOVER solution. In RECOVER – Dispute Representment – our tech experts have been rebuilding the technology from the very foundation to provide the best and latest in dispute response services for our clients.
This exciting, updated offering includes enhancements to dispute response templates that enable Verifi to represent disputes more effectively on behalf of our clients, reducing time to respond. Additionally, dispute responses can be customized to meet acquirers’ unique requirements. On-demand reporting will enable sellers to get at-a-glance key performance information as well as analysis to better manage financial exposure and protect revenue.

Progress of the Migration and What to Expect

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to prepare for and facilitate a successful migration. The greater purpose of the migration is twofold: to provide a better, richer client experience, as well as take full advantage of Visa’s powerful yet flexible infrastructure.
Key milestones for the move are on track. Detailed preparations are taking place to ensure a smooth migration. The possibility of downtime windows is presently being assessed. Should there be a need for downtime of any Verifi solution, all clients will be fully informed of the details well in advance.
Some clients may need to perform simple adjustments in advance of the migration. We are anticipating these as resetting login credentials, updating SFTP credentials, IP whitelisting, or updating base URL endpoints. Clients’ adjustments may be unique. In advance the migration date, the Verifi team will be sure to communicate to you individually with specific details.
Verifi’s Relationship Management and Customer Support teams will reach out with additional details as we progress with the migration.