Learn how to prevent chargebacks

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Chargebacks occur when a cardholder disputes a merchant charge, resulting in a debit to the retailer’s account. Regardless of whether or not the chargeback is successful, the merchant is charged a fee by the issuing bank. Merchants with a high ratio of chargebacks to transactions may also receive additional fines and or run the risk of losing their payment processing privileges altogether.
Chargebacks are costing your online business many thousands or millions of dollars each month. How much of your revenue is at risk and are you doing everything you can to prevent chargebacks?
According to the JP Morgan 2012 Online Fraud Report, merchants reported losing an average of $3.4 billion to online fraud. Chargebacks account for about 41% of those losses.
While chargebacks are costly and painful, it is possible to prevent chargebacks by improving your internal processes.
In addition, Verifi’s innovative Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN) is a patented and award-winning chargeback management program that protects your payments and helps prevent chargebacks:

  • Extensive and Growing Partner Network of Top Card Issuers– Stops up to 40%* of your chargebacks
  • Protect Your Bottom Line– Avoid costly fees, fines and penalties…and potential loss of your processing privileges
  • Complete Coverage– Prevents BOTH fraud and non-fraud chargebacks
  • Avoid “False Positives”– Some solutions create dispute signals that don’t turn into actual chargebacks, adding costs for protection that you don’t need
  • Real Time Notifications Stop Losses– Prevent chargebacks from additional billings and stop losses from fulfillment of goods and services
  • Improve Staff Allocation– CDRN takes the burden off your staff so you save time to focus on your business
  • 100% Accuracy– With Verifi’s zero defect guarantee if a CDRN case is successfully resolved but later filed as a chargeback, YOU DON’T PAY

While chargebacks cannot be entirely eliminated, they can be managed effectively. The chargeback process allows for merchants to prevent (represent and dispute) chargebacks they believe are fraudulent or inappropriate by presenting compelling evidence to the issuing bank that proves the chargeback should be reversed.
CDRN‘s patented, “closed loop” process redirects disputes from the Issuer to you, so you can respond and resolve the issue quickly and directly with the Issuer.
Whether you stop fulfillment of goods or services, provide a refund, or take no action and accept the chargeback risk, you are always in control.
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