The merchant is left out of the dispute process

The Chargeback Dispute Process - the Merchant is left out without Verifi CDRN chargeback protection

Merchants pay a heavy price:

  • Fees, fines, penalties and potential loss of processing privileges
  • Added profit losses—12% of chargebacks are already refunded
  • Fraudsters strategically game this broken system with false claims
  • Excessive staff hours 27% of disputes undergo expensive manual reviews

Stop Chargebacks with Verifi’s Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network “CDRN”

Verifi’s award-winning CDRN enables near real-time communication between the merchant and issuer, to resolve fraud and non-fraud disputes before they become a chargeback. With CDRN, merchants receive timely notification directly from the issuer to resolve the cardholder issue promptly and avoid costly chargebacks that hurt your profits.

Protect Your Bottom Line From Chargebacks

How does CDRN work? CDRN is integrated with the top issuers and redirects disputes from the issuer to you in near real time. CDRN’s patented, “closed loop” system pauses the chargeback process for up to 72 hours, giving you the time you need to review and resolve disputes before they become a costly chargeback and stop added fraud losses from pending fulfillment of goods or services.

Our zero defect guarantee ensures you get the highest quality protection for BOTH fraud and non fraud chargeback risks.

Integrated with top issuing banks, CDRN’s patented, “closed-loop” network pauses the chargeback process for up to 72 hours and redirects cardholder disputes from the bank to the merchant in near real-time.

Merchants get the time they need to assess and resolve the dispute before it becomes a chargeback.

CDRN Process

The current chargeback process is costly

  • Customer Dispute

  • Issuer Processes Dispute

  • Association Processes Dispute

  • Acquirer Receives Dispute

  • Merchant Receives Dispute

  • Processes Representment

  • Representment Decision


Customer bypasses the merchant and contacts the issuer to dispute a charge

  • Disputes can arise up to 120 days after purchase
  • Easily initiated via an online “dispute” button or by calling the bank
  • Occur due to product/service defects, billing descriptor confusion, first-party/”friendly” fraud or true fraud

CDRN stops the dispute before it becomes a chargeback

  • Customer Dispute

  • CDRN Merchant Identified

    ------- DISPUTE PAUSED FOR 72-HOURS -------
  • Merchant Resolves Dispute

  • Acquirer Receives Dispute

  • Merchant Receives Dispute

  • Merchant Processes Representment

  • Representment Decision


Customer bypasses the merchant and contacts the issuer to dispute a charge

CDRN Benefits

Unmatched Chargeback Prevention

Avoid the pain chargebacks create for your business with the industry leader. CDRN’s award winning solution provides merchants with near real-time notice of a true chargeback risk for BOTH fraud and non-fraud disputes.

CDRN’s patented "closed loop" process stops disputes from escalating and gives you the time needed to make an informed decision to resolve the dispute and stop the chargeback.

What you get with CDRN

Unmatched Quality & Accuracy

Customer-initiated dispute data directly from top issuing banks in near real-time ensures true and accurate understanding of the dispute risk.

What you avoid:

  • Acting on supplemental, aged data (like TC40)
  • False alerts that inflate your costs
  • Profit loss due to over refunding and unnecessary manual reviews

Timely Dispute Notifications

Notifications 60% faster than traditional chargebacks and 72 hours to review and resolve the dispute before it becomes a chargeback.

What you avoid:

  • Short resolution timeframes that create service defects and don’t stop the chargeback
  • Chargebacks from additional billings
  • Additional fraud losses from pending fulfillment of goods and services

Comprehensive Coverage

CDRN stops up to 50% for BOTH fraud AND non-fraud chargebacks

What you avoid:

  • Costly fees, fines, penalties and resource drain
  • Potential loss of processing privileges
  • Narrow coverage for fraud/non-fraud reason codes


$195 million in Chargebacks Prevented

25K participating accounts

200,000+ disputes stopped per month

Up to 50% of Chargebacks Stopped

Client Reported ROI in 30 Days or Less

Merchant Success

What Clients are Saying

See how merchants are getting great results with CDRN for chargeback prevention and management:

Lower chargebacks nearly 40% within 2 weeks.

Gets quick payback moving internal process to CDRN.

Significantly Improves their Chargeback Ratio with Verifi’s CDRN

Slashes chargeback support costs and reduces fraud /friendly fraud.

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Set Up Options

Flexible set up options to best fit your business

Managed Service Api Self-Service Portal
Integration No Yes No
Dispute case notification To Verifi To Merchant To Merchant
Fraud & non-fraud coverage Yes Yes Yes
Enrollment of merchant descriptors Verifi Merchant Merchant
Who resolves open case to stop the chargeback? Verifi Merchant Merchant

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