Resolve Disputes
with CDRN® and RDR

Protect Your Sellers’ Revenue with Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Verifi’s RESOLVE solution enables sellers to proactively resolve non-fraud and confirmed fraud disputes with a seller-initiated refund or automated, real-time resolution

Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)

  • Auto-decision pre-dispute cases with participating RDR issuers using a robust decision engine customized by seller for real-time resolution

Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN®)

  • Resolve pre-disputes directed by participating CDRN issuers within 72 hours by seller-initiated refund


  1. Customer contacts issuer with a transaction dispute
  2. Dispute is routed to RESOLVE solution
  3. CDRN disputes: Dispute paused by issuer for seller-directed resolution
  4. RDR disputes: Participating RDR issuers directs dispute through decision engine for automatic resolution
  5. Customer dispute is resolved

Take Control of Disputes

  • Resolve fraud and non-fraud cases at pre-dispute stage before they escalate to a formal dispute
  • Auto-decision RDR pre-disputes using a robust decision engine customized by seller for real-time resolution
  • Rapidly resolve CDRN pre-disputes within 72 hours by seller-initiated refund
  • Reduce sellers Visa dispute ratio* with pre-dispute resolution

Benefits of RESOLVE Solution


Acquirers may have their own risk assessment parameters, and may levy fees based on such parameters regardless of a seller meeting Visa’s dispute ratio target

Resolve RDR Disputes

  • Resolve RDR disputes automatically through Verifi’s decision engine

Resolve CDRN Disputes

  • Receive notifications of disputes in near real-time on closed-loop network and resolve with a refund or cancellation

Reduce Sellers Visa Dispute Ratio*

  • Prevent filing of pending disputes through prompt resolution to protect seller account

Seller Account Protection

  • Resolve disputes to protect seller accounts from monitoring fees or processing suspension

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