Resolve Disputes
with CDRN® and RDR

Expedited resolution improves the customer experience​

Verifi’s RESOLVE solution connects sellers and issuers directly to quickly resolve fraud and non-fraud disputes at the pre-dispute stage, improving the customer experience and reducing operational requirements.

Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)

  • Auto-decision Visa pre-dispute cases with participating RDR sellers using a robust decision engine, customized by seller for real-time resolution​

Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN®)

  • Resolve Visa and Non-Visa pre-dispute cases directed by participating CDRN sellers within 72 hours by seller-initiated refund


The Verifi RESOLVE Suite

Rapid Dispute Resolution

  • No change to intake or dispute submission process.
  • Global network of participating sellers define rules in our auto-decisioning engine for immediate resolution of Visa disputes by a “credit.”
  • Resolution through existing financial message structure (Visa transactions only), requires no change by the issuer.

Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network

  • Issuer can submit pre-dispute cases for enrolled descriptors for seller directed resolution
  • Issuers avoid dispute submission fees by collaborating directly with sellers to resolve a cardholder pre-dispute






Improved Customer Experience

Increase cardholder satisfaction by providing an immediate result


Reduced Resolution Time

Resolve pre-disputes in as little as one second with RDR


Reduced Operational Drain

Streamline the dispute intake and dispute investigations processes


Leverage Existing Integrations

Access pre-dispute resolution through Visa Resolve Online

Benefits of RESOLVE for Issuers

Control and Automation

  • Expedited resolution supports issuer automation

Avoid Disputes and Management

  • Seller decisions are finalized in real time with same-day financial settlement using standard financial messaging

Issuer Account Protection

  • Ensure cardholder satisfaction through immediate, real-time resolution

Resolve for Issuers

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