Prevent Disputes
with Order Insight®

Prevent Disputes and Improve Cardholder Experience

Our global data-sharing network provides issuers and cardholders with enhanced receipt details from sellers to prevent disputes at the point of cardholder inquiry.

Order Insight®

Issuer call center agents review enhanced seller and transaction data with cardholders to achieve one-call resolution. 

Issuer Call Center

  • Issuer call centers access transaction details to validate sales or confirm fraud
  • Reduce call time and back office processing
order insight
mobile phones

Order Insight Digital

Cardholder can review enhanced seller and transaction data to confirm purchases.

Cardholder Self-Service

  • Improve cardholder experience with enhanced details in online and mobile banking
  • Provide cardholders with transaction clarification to reduce inquiries and prevent friendly fraud and disputes

How Order Insight Works

  1. Cardholder initiates transaction inquiry
    A. Through issuer call center
    B. Through issuer digital channel
  2. Eligible transactions are routed to seller for more information
  3. Seller returns transaction information
  4. Issuer receives receipt data
    A. Call center reviews with cardholder
    B. Digital receipt directed to cardholder for self-resolution
  5. Dispute is avoided


Wins for Issuers

  • Enables Cardholder Self-Service
    Issuer provides cardholder clarity through expanded receipt details

  • Enhances Issuer Support
    Issuer agents empowered with full receipt details to review with cardholder

  • Provides Coverage on Multiple Card Brands
    Proactive dispute prevention for Visa and non-Visa disputes

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