Prevent Disputes
with Order Insight®

Achieve One-call Resolution ​

Our global data sharing network provides issuers and cardholders with enhanced receipt details from sellers to prevent disputes at the point of cardholder inquiry.

Call Center Experience

Order Insight places enhanced transaction detail at the fingertips of your call center and back-office dispute teams to achieve one-call resolution.

  • Issuer call centers access transaction details, including full digital receipt, to validate sales with cardholders
  • Back-office operations investigations can leverage the data to build compelling evidence
  • Operations staff can review transaction details to validate sales
  • Reduce Visa and non-Visa dispute volume and liability costs
  • Order Insight data is available to all Visa issuers using Visa Resolve Online (VROL)

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Improved Customer Experience

Provide enhanced transparency to your cardholders

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Identify Friendly Fraud

Transaction details help identify fraud and combat first-party misuse (friendly fraud)

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Reduce Customer Confusion

Enhanced details help customers recognize transactions and prevent unnecessary disputes


Prevent Disputes Before They Happen

  • Helps cardholders clarify transaction confusion ​
  • Streamlines issuer call center operations – no more resorting to search engines for information ​
  • Validate sales rather than initiating disputes
  • No additional development work required for issuer teams to access the enhanced data 

How Order Insight Works

  1. Cardholder initiates transaction inquiry
    A. Through issuer call center
    B. Through issuer digital channel
  2. Eligible transactions are routed to seller for more information
  3. Seller returns transaction information
  4. Issuer receives receipt data
    A. Call center reviews with cardholder
    B. Digital receipt directed to cardholder for self-resolution
  5. Dispute is avoided

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