bulb Enables issuer call centers to access enhanced receipt details to validate sales with customer at the point of inquiry
bulb Improves customer loyalty by extending seller’s customer service to issuer call centers
bulb Gives customer access to transaction details in bank’s online and mobile applications, enabling customers to clarify transaction confusion



  1. Consumer contacts issuer with a transaction dispute
  2. Issuer sends request for order information
  3. Order Insight processes and sends request to seller
  4. Seller sends order data to Order Insight
  5. Order Insight provides issuer with order details
  6. Issuer reviews information with consumer, dispute prevented


Global Dispute Prevention

Expanded Global Network Coverage with Verifi and Visa Issuers

Reseller Advantage

Enhance functionality to existing dispute management offering

One integration to Order Insight enables access to a global issuer network for Visa and non-Visa dispute prevention

Increase your client base by offering additional, complementary solutions




Sellers can leverage direct delivery of fraud and dispute notifications post-authorization to reduce payment risk


  • Improve link analysis and fraud analytics 
  • Enhance and inform fraud detection & modeling 
  • Use data to track trending fraud rate 


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