Balance front-end and back-end fraud protection for total chargeback protection

When thinking about total chargeback protection, pre-sale fraud prevention tools are important

– and essential. But even with increased risks and vulnerabilities during the holidays , merchants should take care not to overreact when it comes to boosting front-end protection. Too much pre-sales fraud prevention can quickly translate to reduced conversions –  no one wants to turn good sales away.
If you want to keep more legitimate sales and are evaluating total chargeback protection solutions or attempting to better balance pre-and-post sales fraud prevention, here are a few helpful resources:

Verifi is the only chargeback protection service that safeguards your transactions against both friendly fraud and true fraud. Since 2005, Verifi has helped thousands of merchants worldwide with chargeback protection – prevent chargebacks before they happen as well as recover billions of dollars in lost revenue.

While chargebacks are costly and painful, they can be prevented. Verifi’s innovative Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN) is a patented and award-winning chargeback management program that prevents chargebacks and protects your payments with 100% Accuracy. Verifi‘s patented “closed loop” process redirects disputes from the Issuer to you, so you can respond and resolve the issue quickly and directly with the consumer. Whether you stop fulfillment of goods or services, provide a refund, or take no action and accept the chargeback risk, you are always in control.

With Verifi’s zero-defect guarantee if a CDRN case is successfully resolved but later filed as a chargeback, you don’t pay.