The payments ecosystem is innovating new technologies and ever evolving by advancing rules and best practices to remove unnecessary disputes from the ecosystem and improve the overall process. Combatting friendly fraud (aka, first-party misuse), resolving disputes before they cause downstream effects, enhancing the customer experience, leveraging data to prevent disputes and utilizing technology to remediate fraud and dispute ratio risks are just some of the outcomes these innovations and advances can extend to sellers, acquirers and processors. The ultimate desired result is a dispute ecosystem with reduced volume and minimal impact to all stakeholders.  

This webinar will explore merchant perceptions of dispute strategies and how the evolution of compelling evidence and automation can positively impact their business.   

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Sara Craven
CEO, Verifi

Bibek Das
Product Director, Verifi

Natalie England
Sr. Risk Director, Visa

Brian Cullen
Sr. Payments Risk Analyst, Sony

Rob Moran
Manager, Global Fraud Monitoring and Operations, Sony

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