First-party misuse has been a challenge for merchants since the chargeback was created. In recent years, through the increase of CNP spending, the problem has escalated. For merchants, chargebacks present brand reputation damage, operational drain and loss of merchandise.

In 2022, Visa announced an update to compelling evidence rules making it simpler for merchants to combat first-party misuse. With this evolution of compelling evidence, merchants are now given the opportunity to provide issuers with important details about a transaction, referred to as qualified transaction data, to confirm the legitimacy of a transaction and block any illegitimate fraud claims by the consumer.

As of April 2023, the rule affects both the pre-dispute path (deflecting the dispute at the customer inquiry) and the post-dispute path (providing the qualified transaction data in pre-arbitration) for Visa transactions.

This webinar explores the various use cases of this evolved compelling evidence rule, the technology supporting the pre-dispute path, and practical techniques for merchants to enhance deflection.



Lisa Polter-Tennant
SVP Client Relations, Verifi

Jeff Sawitke
VP Product, Verifi

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