Resolution Without Borders – Global RDR Expansion

Automated resolution is here. View our webinar to learn how Rapid Dispute Resolution now covers millions of Visa issued cards globally. Disputes play an integral role in the post-purchase experience, but often present challenges to sellers. Quick and easy resolution of disputes has been a pain point for the payments industry, until recently. Listen in […]

Not All Disputes Are Created Equal

Disputes affect us all differently — Join us to see how in our upcoming webinar We all have the same goal – minimize disputes. But how are fellow businesses managing, reporting on, and analyzing them? How customers are disputing – and why – is rapidly changing. Today, sellers must dig into their analytics platforms to […]

(Re)Solving the Customer Experience

The dispute process is rapidly changing – join our webinar to learn what it means for you and your customers! Customers expect top-notch service in their transactions with sellers. This same level of service is expected when a customer calls their bank to inquire about a purchase. The dispute process has evolved to become more […]

The Last Dispute Strategy You’ll Ever Need!

Reducing disputes doesn’t happen in a silo — watch our webinar to learn how to create and execute a robust dispute strategy. Disputes have often been thought of as a cost of doing business. With the rapidly evolving payments landscape, sellers need to re-evaluate their approach to managing disputes. In the past year, in-store shopping […]