Take back control and reduce dispute expenses and time — at NO COST.

CDRN™ connects you directly with participating merchants to enable near real-time collaboration in resolving both credit and debit fraud and non-fraud disputes quickly.

Verifi CDRN for Issuers - Lower Chargeback Costs and Regain Resource Time

True Merchant and Issuer Collaboration

CDRN™ acts as a direct bridge between the Merchant, Issuer, and Consumer to provide a simple cardholder services dispute process and mechanism.

The Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network process

Although the process is simple, the benefits of CDRN add up quickly.

Lower your costs and regain resource time
Our proprietary network enables the direct exchange of information and a connected feedback loop between Issuers. This gives you the confidence in knowing that chargeback disputes can be quickly resolved upfront, before the costly and time-consuming process begins.
Reduce small balance write-offs
Small balance write-offs are incurred in lieu of processing chargebacks. These seemingly small write-offs can add up quickly, in addition to adding time and energy that your team is spending dealing with them.

Support your reputation and brand
Manage disputes promptly to reduce cardholder dissatisfaction and potential loss in purchase volume. Your business success hinges on your reputation. A dissatisfied customer can result in negative feedback on social media and review sites, as well as uncertainty over the viability of your brand. Can you afford to have this kind of risk in your business plan?

Speeds resolution time to avoid additional expenses
Average resolution time of 25 hours stops subsequent billings that create even more chargebacks and lowers costs associated with resulting representments and card association fees. Speed is critical when disputing chargebacks and achieving a successful result. With the right cardholder services dispute solution, you have time on your side.
Comprehensive coverage
Comprehensive coverage mitigates both fraud and non-fraud dispute reason codes. Stop stressing about the reason codes and trust your dispute solution to do the work for you.

Expand your benefits with our growing merchant network
Emerging to Fortune 500 clients choose our solutions to protect their businesses. With triple-digit growth and supporting over 25,000 merchant accounts, our credibility, business development efforts, and flexible integration options allow you to streamline chargeback dispute management right away.

So simple. So easy. And no cost to our Issuer partners.

There is NO COST for Issuers to use CDRN, and our flexible integration options include an Online Portal, API or Batch file so you can immediately streamline chargeback dispute management without IT support. Talk to us — We’re happy to walk you through the integration process so you can be up and running quickly. Think about your cardholder services dispute solution... Can it be up and running in mere minutes? Can it support your company growth? Is it a proven solution that is backed by leading companies across North America and internationally?

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Still have questions? Watch our video to learn how CDRN works for you to keep you successful and growing.

Partner with Verifi and bridge the gap between your organization and participating CDRN merchants.

Since 2005, Verifi has established long-lasting relationships with top issuing banks throughout the US, serving best-in-breed chargeback prevention solutions to merchants of all types and sizes. Emerging merchants to top Fortune 500 companies trust Verifi to protect their payments, reduce risk, and maximize their profits.



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