Cardholder contacts issuer with a transaction dispute
Issuer directs the dispute case to the merchant for review for resolution
Merchant can provide a refund, stop product shipment, cancel recurring payment, or accept a chargeback


Unmatched Chargeback Protection

CDRN connects issuing banks with participating merchants on our closed-loop, global network to deliver notifications on confirmed disputes in near real-time, so merchants can quickly resolve disputes with a refund and prevent a chargeback.


The CDRN Difference


Closed-Loop Network

CDRN patented closed-loop process enables issuers to always know the transaction status and confidently communicate with cardholders

24 Hours

Average time to receive case outcome

Up to 90% Resolution Rate

Up to 90% of fraud and non-fraud disputes are resolved with a refund or canceled payment


Wins for Issuers

  • Reduce dispute resolution time and operational costs
  • Direct dispute notices to merchants on authorized and settled transactions
  • Reduce small balance write-offs and associated chargeback costs
  • Reduce chargebacks from recurring transactions
  • Improve cardholder experience

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