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  • Fighting the Right Disputes with the Right Partner

    Family Fraud Recent news headlines highlight growing instances of family fraud in card-on-file, frictionless payment scenarios. Fighting disputes that result from such fraud cases can cause customer attrition and brand damage. Due to a lack of visibility and authentication in frictionless transactions (such as in-app purchases), mounting a dispute response against a family fraud case – without […]

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  • CNP fraud a clear and present danger, Juniper warns

    U.K.-based Juniper Research projects $130 billion in card-not-present (CNP) fraud over the next five years, largely driven by seasonal opportunism and emerging mobile and real-time payments schemes. Mass migration to new payment methods without advanced authentication and risk management protections will lead to catastrophic outcomes, researchers noted. Online Payment Fraud: Emerging Threats, Segment Analysis & […]

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  • Dispute Management in the Frictionless Age

    Let’s face it. Technology has spoiled us to the extent that things we couldn’t conceive as possible are now part of everyday life. Whether it is communicating instantly via text, video-chatting with loved ones across the world, or making a purchase with a swipe, tap, or click, it is much easier to get things done […]

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  • Chargeback Prevention and Brand Loyalty in the Holiday Season

    Many merchants bank their entire year’s success on sales generated during this ultra-busy shopping season. The pressure is on to maximize sales and best practices of customer service. In addition, merchants must be vigilant in their practices to identify and stop fraud, and ensure solutions are in place for reliable chargeback prevention. From a sales […]

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  • Why American Consumers Have Been Slow to Adopt E-Wallets

    At first glance, e-wallets have all the qualities needed to facilitate faster and safer transactions. As merchants continue to optimize their customers’ omnichannel marketing experiences, e-wallets have made it easy for consumers to ride the wave. Major companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung were early-movers, offering digital solutions that allowed consumers to make purchases […]

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  • Holiday Sale Forecasts: Fraud on the Horizon

    The 2018 holiday sales forecasts are in and merchants have every reason to be excited. Multiple sources predict numbers substantially higher than 2017 sales, which were robust in their own right. While merchants are understandably pumped, so are fraudsters who see opportunities to nab their unfair share of the profits. Just as merchants must promote […]

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  • The Path to a Cashless Society

    The Path to a Cashless Society

    If you were to peer into the payments industry’s crystal ball, would you see visions of a cashless society? Will be there a time when cash is obsolete? At this stage in the evolution of payments, it’s less a question of “if” and more a question of “when.” Before we get too ahead of ourselves, […]

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  • Frictionless Payments and Transaction Disputes

    Frictionless Payments and Transaction Disputes

    As the holiday shopping season approaches, one thing is clear – e-commerce is thriving. An eMarketer Report forecasts 2018 US holiday e-commerce sales to grow 16.2% to $123.39 billion. Looking back to 2017, mobile sales accounted for 34.5% of all e-commerce sales.  By 2021, mobile sales are forecasted to account for 54% of total e-commerce […]

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  • Mastercard cardholder signatures now optional on cards and receipts

    The lightning-fast pace of technology has dug deeper into consumers’ billfolds. Mastercard announced on Friday that signatures will soon be optional for all cardholders, not only on the card but on receipts, as well. Mastercard issuers will start distributing the signature panel-less cards in April, 2019. Having the luxury of get-it-and-go without having to sign […]

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  • Experts weigh in on the future of payments (Part 1): The evolving transaction

    We’ve been surveying the fintech landscape as we head into Q4 of 2018. We’ve looked at the future of lending and trends in insurtech and insurance using a crowdsourced content model where we went directly to the Tearsheet community for guidance. The articles have been received well, so now we’re turning our sights to payments and what 2019 has […]

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