Electronic payments company Verifi Inc. has developed

a service it says can help merchants that conduct card-not-present transactions recover up to 75% of chargebacks.
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Editor Erin Harris interviews Jeff Sawitke, chief product officer at Verifi,

about alleviating fraud and risk related to payment management. Sawitke tackles some of the next-generation ways card-not-present retailers can reduce risk to their business.
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By David F. Carr

Most of us have been trained to beware of being approached online by a Nigerian asking for help with a currency exchange.

But for the Forex Financial Club, that could be a perfectly legitimate customer, since Forex actively seeks overseas clients. Like everyone else, though, Forex must guard against signing up false customers. The challenge is to pierce the Internet’s veil of anonymity, inserting validation checks in the sign-up process to minimize fraud and maximize legitimate business.
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By Tricia Philips

Many merchants feel that friendly fraud is impossible to detect or prevent.

The fact is, there are ways to reduce friendly fraud — and committing to reduce friendly fraud gives you the added benefit of reduced refund rates. Assessing business operations for weak customer service processes, obtaining in-depth market analyses, and adopting a payer authentication program all can help to reduce instances of friendly fraud.
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Anthony M. Freed
I recently had the opportunity to discuss online payment security with Jeff Sawitke, Chief Product Officer at Verifi.

Verifi is a leading provider of global electronic payment and risk management solutions for card-not-present merchants,

with a highly customizable payment and real-time reporting platform that serves as a foundation for Verifi’s suite of fraud solutions and risk management strategies.
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The Nilson Report, Pg 3

VERIFI, a provider of payment risk management systems for cardnot-present merchants, has added ThreatMetrix fraud detection capabilities to its processing platform. ThreatMetrix offers forensic risk assessment software and a global shared fraud knowledge database. Alisdair Faulkner is Chief Products Officer at ThreatMetrix, (650) 625-1451, [email protected] Jeff Sawitke is VP, Product Management at Verifi, (323) 655-5789, [email protected]
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By Michael Vizard

No matter whether you think the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a positive or a negative, the one thing that everybody can agree on is that it’s expensive.

Between securing all the credit card information and hiring the specialist to make sure your website complies with the standard, hundreds of thousands of dollars can quickly evaporate. Like all things related to security, there’s no hard return on investment. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to find a lot of ongoing resistance to a PCI DSS standard that many people see as being overly complex, and of dubious value given all the recent breaches in the retail space.
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By Jeff Sawitke and Alisdair Faulkner

Online games fraud has increased 145 percent

over the last few years, and 30 percent of all online gamers say they’ve fallen victim to some form of fraud during their gaming experience.
Some attacks are relatively harmless, while others can cause serious damage to a game publisher’s business. Following is a list of the most common game-related cyber attacks and what publishers can do to better protect themselves and their customers:
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