Cardholder Self-Service

Cardholders can access merchant and transaction details, directed through issuer digital channels, in mobile app or online banking portal

  • Merchant name
  • Transaction date
  • Item description
  • Quantity
  • Purchase amount
  • Delivery status
Mobile App

Issuers access merchant data, providing cardholders insight on their transactions to reduce disputes and chargebacks

  1. Cardholder initiates inquiry
  2. Issuer requests order details
  3. Merchant order details are retrieved
  4. Issuer reviews data with cardholder
  5. Cardholder recognizes purchase

Wins for Issuers


Enables Cardholder Self-Service

Provide Cardholders greater clarity with expanded order details

Drives Customer-Merchant Communication

Customer is provided multiple communication paths to resolve concerns on an order

Enhance Issuer Support

Issuer agents empowered with full transaction details to review with cardholder

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